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Oil on Canvas

24 x 36 inches


Protecting our oceans is a vital part of protecting our planet.  Jellyfish are often an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.  Orcha are of the most beloved of the ocean animals.  Although they are not quite so gentle as some other whales being predators, they usually are not attacking humans, and who doesn't love a great black and white combo.  Continuing with my exploration of movement in a 2D medium, the two aquatic creatures have faded images behind them to show their recent movements.  In this chance encounter they share the same water space on a beautiful sunny day in the sea.

Orcha and Jelly in Motion

$1,650.00 Regular Price
$660.00Sale Price
  • Oil on canvas 
    24 x 36 inches

​Don Keenan - aka Coité
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