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Oil on canvas 

40 x 40 inches


This work features a Monarch Butterfly flying from right to left, and a Lilac Breasted Roller flying from left to right using a fading method to show motion.  The Roller turns into two different birds as it flies both above and below the Monarch.  This illustrates the Quantum Multiverse concept of every choice made leading to a separate quantum universe.


The Monarch is an endangered species, as are so many on our planet.  Depending on the actions and choices of human beings many species on our planet will or will not become extinct.  From this perspective the idea of choice takes on new meaning.  If the concept of the multiverse were true, perhaps there would be separate universes where these species become extinct and others where they are not.    

Monarch and Roller - Quantum Encounter

$2,850.00 Regular Price
$1,140.00Sale Price
  • Oil on canvas 
    40 x 40 inches

​Don Keenan - aka Coité
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