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Beauty, Nature, Consciousness, Conservation, Mind Expansion


My most recent work focuses heavily on bringing awareness to Mother Nature, who is so very much in need of our conservation efforts.  We are in the midst of the 6th Great Mass Extinction.  I hope to share the beauty of Nature, its vibrant life, and its Collective Consciousness so that others may enjoy it, and therefore want to protect it.  As such, a portion of proceeds from acquisitions of these works will go to the World Wildlife Fund.  I also encourage donation or involvement with WWF and other conservation efforts independent of collecting my work!


My work has always been spiritually related for me.  It is an exploration of the soul, often depicted through the eyes of humans, animals, or woven into the background.  Some of the paintings will use reiki symbols, which is an energy healing technique.  Other forms such as the Flower of Life, the Om symbol, or repetitive dots to show Quantum possibilities are a way for me to bring the viewers’ attention towards the world beyond what first meets the eye.  I hope that for at least for a moment the viewer can be distracted from their day enough to fathom unknown possibilities and celebrate the beauty and majesty of Life.

©  Don Keenan